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Aceh is located on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra. Aceh is considered to be the place to begin the spread of Islam in Indonesia and plays an important role in the spread of Islam in Southeast Asia. Therefore, Aceh was dubbed the city of the Veranda of Mecca.

After the devastating tsunami in 2004, some areas in Aceh were damaged, including several tourist attractions in Aceh.

As time goes by, Aceh has managed to rise again and carefully arrange its territory, including in the tourism sector, which is a valuable asset of citizens’ pride.

Aceh does have extraordinary natural tourism potential, it is not surprising that many tourists make Aceh a favorite tourist destination when the holidays arrive.

The beauty of beaches, islands, waterfalls and mountains in Aceh is no longer a secret, so many tourists are willing to spend their vacation time exploring the natural beauty of Aceh one by one.

In addition to enchanting natural attractions, Aceh also has different tourism potential and is certainly interesting to visit. What tourist attractions are meant?

The following are recommendations for tourist attractions in Aceh that most visited:

  1. Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

    This mosque witnessed the enormity of the tsunami and became a place of refuge for the people of Aceh at that time.

    Baiturrahman Grand Mosque is a tourist icon of the city of Aceh with a magnificent and sturdy building texture with its domes which are dominated by black.

    The mosque built by Sultan Iskandar Muda is surrounded by seven towers with each black dome above. The existence of a large pool with a shower like the Indian Taj Mahal on the front yard makes this mosque look more beautiful and amazing.


    Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

    Mosque architectural design will amaze you. There are many Al-Quran letter carvings, extensive mosque pages, and pools of the Ottoman Sultanate. Some of these factors make the Baiturrahman Great Mosque crowned as one of the most beautiful mosques in Indonesia.

  2. Laut Tawar Lake

Danau Laut Tawar is a tourism potential of Aceh, a place for photo hunting favored by tourists.  Favored by young people who love adventure, also suitable for children to adults. Going alone is  cool, with community friends more fun, also when traveling with family.  A lake that holds a lot of  beauty, a story of origin, and this mystery, is very worth visiting. I love the panorama of beauty. I don’t know the history of the name’s origin. But from the friends’ stories at Takengon, it is so  named because the lake is as large as a sea with a fresh taste of water.  The combination of terrain, hills, and waters around Lake Laut Tawar presents charming natural beauty.

Laut Tawar Lake, view from above

clear lake, view from boat

To enjoy the beauty of Lake Laut Tawar we do not need to pay for the entrance ticket. We can freely choose which edge to relax for free. In some places the scenery is very beautiful. Don’t forget to enjoy culinary tours on the banks of the lake. Sipping Gayo coffee. Or eat depik fish that tastes delicious. Can I ask questions at the restaurant in Takengon. For lodging, we can choose to stay in Takengon City or lodging on the edge of the lake. Three times, I prefer to stay in Takengon city. Maybe another time choosing to stay at the edge of the lake.


3. Kuala Merisi Beach

Kuala Merisi Beach is a beach located in Aceh Jaya Regency. Like other beaches in Aceh, this beach was also one of the victims of the tsunami in Banda Aceh in 2004. But now Kuala Merisi offers beautiful panoramas that are perfect for families to visit during holidays. Apart from the natural beauty available, access to the beach is very easy.

This beach is located in Ketapang, Krueng Sabee District; This is one of the most visited beaches in Aceh, because it has very beautiful scenery and clean white sand on the shoreline.

Let’s go to the beach

lovely white sand

View from the hill

Moreover, the waves in the sea are not too high so it is relatively safe for you and your family to play on the beach. For those who want to enjoy this beach in a relaxed way can spread the mat and lie on the beach, sunbathe or just play with friends or loved ones. Kuala Merisi Beach is not suitable for those who like adrenaline activity, but you can enjoy seafood with stalls around the beach.


4. Aceh Tsunami Museum

In 2004, Aceh grieved. The tsunami came to take everything from Aceh. Residence, family, natural resources, and more. All that remains is damaged debris and bitter memories that cannot be easily forgotten by the survivors. Year after year passed and now Aceh has risen again. They even rose to become stronger and determined not to forget the big disaster.

From there it was born a magnificent building that will be a reminder of how powerful the tsunami was at that time. The Aceh Tsunami Museum, the place where the names of the dead were carved at once became a place where tourists could feel when the seconds of the tsunami arrived.

The museum, which is now one of the most crowded tours in Banda Aceh, has other functions. The Aceh Tsunami Museum is specially designed so that it can be used as a place to secure  yourself when a tsunami threat comes. No wonder the museum is also often referred to as ‘Rumoh Aceh Escape Hill’. In the area near the museum a hill-shaped park was built that was expected to prevent sea waves.

The roof of the museum is also deliberately made sloping so that later it can accommodate the residents. So when the tsunami threat comes again at least the number of victims can be minimized.

Space of Sorrow

Tsunami museum


5.  Sabang

Sabang is included in the province of Aceh, but Sabang is located on Pulau Weh. Sabang has many small islands scattered on the north and west side with Weh Island as its largest island, and Rondo Island as the northernmost island.

Known as the zero point of the western part of Indonesia, the city of Sabang is now being accelerated to become a tourist city. The city of Sabang has the largest island, namely Pulau Weh, which is about 45 minutes sailing on a fast boat from the port of Ulee Lhue, Banda Aceh.

The beauty of nature and the waters of Pulau Weh as another name for the city of Sabang is quite beautiful, even some tourists say the panoramic sea waters on the island is like a piece of heaven in the world.

The chunks of colorful coral reefs and the variety of unique types of ornamental fish, are easily seen by the eye by only diving about two to three meters such as in the waters of Iboih and Gapang.

Sabang Tourism Map

I Love Sabang

Sabang…it’s all about the beach

Iboih Beach

Actually there are many more natural beauty in Aceh.
so, what else do you think …

Pack your stuff, invite your friends, order tickets now..
visit the natural beauty of Indonesia!


see u in next post…


“Life is an adventure…” salah satu quote (ntah siapa?!?) yang menjadi latar belakang perjalanan pertama dari keluarga gwe. So..karena pertama kali maka liburan keluarga harus dimulai dari nol dan bener-bener dari nol kilometer. Yaa…nol kilometer Indonesia, dan sesuai dengan lagu kebangsaan “Dari Sabang sampai Merauke” (Bukan yang ini lho..“dari sabang sampai merauke, dari Timor sampai ka Talaut, Indonesia tanah airku, Indo*** seleraku”…wkwkwkwk) maka destination pertama kami putuskan untuk menjelajahi  Sabang yang berada di Pulau Weh. Namun bukan berarti ntar liburan terakhir kami kudu ke Merauke yaa…wuih jauhh amiit itu… Yang jelas gwe punya impian keliling Indonesia (traveling) with my family. Amiin.

Ok. Perjalanan ke Sabang dimulai dari Kota Medan. Kami berangkat menggunakan bus malam, saat itu kami menggunakan bus malam Sempati Star. Keyeen loh bus malamnya…Bus ini memakai mesin bikinan Scania, perusahaan otomotif asal Swedia yang terkenal akan ketangguhannya.  Gwe rasa ini bus paling mewah yang pernah kami tumpangi di Indonesia.


Bus Scania atau sering dibilang Jetbus..dalemannya mewah, kursi pesawat juga lewat..recommended lah..



Tiket Medan-Aceh kami beli dengan harga Rp.200.000,- /org. Bus berangkat sekitar jam 20.00 WIB.  Perjalanan Medan-Banda Aceh ditempuh dalam waktu 10-12 jam. Kami sampai di Aceh pukul 07.00 di Terminal Batoh. Klo mau coba neh gwe kasi contact nya..

Loket Bus Sempati Star Banda Aceh
Terminal Batoh: (0651) 635 078, 0852 6072 1356

Loket Bus Sempati Star Medan
Jl. Gadjah Mada no. 50: (061) 451 6523, 0813 9702 7771

Sesampainya kami di Banda Aceh, kami langsung menuju ke Pelabuhan Ulee Lheue (baca Ulele). Kapal Feri berangkat pukul 08.00 WIB,, waktu itu harga tiket sekitar 50rb/org.



Eh..ini pada blom mandi lho..soalnya gitu nyampe Banda Aceh langsung tancap ke Pelabuhan biar ga ketinggalan kapal.

untuk lebih jelasnya neh gwe kasih lagi dah…

Berikut ini jadwal dan harga tiket untuk kapal cepat dan kapal lambat :

Hari Rute : Ulee Lhee (Banda Aceh) – Balohan (Sabang) Rute :  Balohan (Sabang) – Ulee Lhee (Banda Aceh)
Kapal Cepat Kapal Lambat Kapal Cepat Kapal Lambat
Senin s/d Kamis 09:30 & 16:00 08:00 & 14:00 08:00 & 14:30 08:00 & 14:00
Jumat 09:30 & 16:00 07:30 ; 10:00 & 16:00 08:00 & 14:30 07:30 ; 10:00 & 15:00
Sabtu & Minggu 09:30 & 16:00 08:00 ; 11:00 & 16:00 08:00 & 14:30 08:00 ; 11:00 & 15:00


Jenis Tiket

Kapal Lambat

Kapal Cepat

Ekonomi Dewasa


Ekonomi Anak-anak


Bisnis Dewasa


Bisnis Anak-anak


Eksekutif Dewasa



Eksekutif Anak-anak






Sepeda Motor > 500 cc


Sepeda Motor < 500 cc & Roda Tiga


Mobil (sedan, jeep, pickup, minibus dan sejenisnya dengan panjang max. 5 meter)



Contact number untuk

Kapal Bahari Banda Aceh : 0852 7054 6464 (Kirman), 0853 6929 2538 (Aida)

Kapal Bahari Sabang : 0852 6080 8470 (Abdullah), 0823 6490 4403 (Muchtar)

Akhirnya, sampai juga di Pelabuhan Balohan,  Sabang…i’m coming… Sesampainya di Balohan kami rent a car untuk check in ke salah satu penginapan (tentunya sudah booking dulu). Tadinya kami mau menginap ke Sumurtiga (tempatnya Freddy’s – http://santai-sabang.com/) tapi ternyata udah full book. Jadinya kami ke Ujung Kareung (dikelola juga ama opa Freddy), nih gambarnya :



Penginapan ini terletak di tepi laut, hanya saja pantainya bukan pantai pasir putih..but view nya cantik juga kok..

Untuk contact nya bisa hub Mas Agus 0813 7590 8756. Rate kamar sekitar 250rb/malam.


Setelah check in dan mandi-mandi, kami langsung cabut ke Titik 0 km Indonesia. Itu destinasi yang wajib banget dikunjungi…Titik Nol KM Bro…ga semua orang bisa nyampe ke sana lho…


Kilometer 0 Indonesia,,wow..amazing, bisa juga kami nyampai di sini. Awal traveling keluarga ini, gwe yakin bakalan membekas dalam ingatan anak-anak gwe…xixixi (ntar klo dah besar baca blog ayah ini ya nak..)

Sebenarnya bagian terluar Indonesia bukanlah Pulau Weh, bagian terluar di ujung barat Indonesia sebenarnya adalah Pulau Rondo.


Tujuan berikutnya adalah Iboih, itu surganya para Divers, gwe dan keluarga hanya mampir saja karena anak-anak masih kecil dan blom pada bisa renang, jadinya kami menikmati pantai saja kagak ikutan snorkling or diving.


Pantai Teupin Layeu – Iboih. Di belakang kami nampak Pulau Rubiah, biasanya wisatawan pada sewa boat kemudian diving di perairan sekitar pulau Rubiah.

Setelah puas bermain di pantai Iboih kami melanjutkan ke Benteng Jepang, meskipun benteng peninggalan Jepang ini kelihatannya biasa saja etapi view itu lho…ajiib abiiiss..


Ini lokasinya di benteng jepang (anoi itam), tempanyanya enak buat bersantai menikmati pemandangan dengan angin sepoi-sepoi…

Setelah puas berlemas-lemas menikmati angin laut, kami melanjutkan perjalanan ke arah Balohan. Oia, kami berangkat dari penginapan menuju benteng jepang menggunakan sepeda motor (kreta). Sewa sepeda motor di Sabang berkisar 80-100rb rupiah per hari.


Ini view dari puncak bukit, Balohan ada di bawahnya.

Puas mengelilingi Pulau Weh, malamnya kami menikmati suasana Kota Sabang. Kota ini terkenal dengan ke-santai-annya. Sesuai dengan namanya SABANG – SAntai BANGet. Beneraan loh…di kota ini kagak ada lampu merah, kagak ada polisi lalu lintas…sumpeeh deh. Jalannya juga masih sepiii…


Lalu lintas kota Sabang masih sepi, dan jangan heran ya kalo nanti jumpa mobil-mobil plat luar negeri dengan jenis mobil yang ga biasanya…

Santaii bangeet, ada sedikit pengalaman lucu.. Jadi ceritanya kami sekeluarga mau nyari cinderamata, setelah googling di yahoo (Googling di yahoo?!?!?!) kami menuju salah satu toko penjual cinderamata yaitu PIYOH


Jadi pas nyampe sana ternyata tokonya tutup, tapi gwe baca di internet klo mau belanja telp aja ntar yang punya toko bakalan datang. Akhirnya kami telp dan tak berapa lama datanglah pemilik toko, tanpa basa basi dia langsung mempersilahkan kami masuk (sambil buka pintu toko yang TIDAK TERKUNCI)..iya men, pintu tokonya kagak dikunci, dibuka gitu aja..”Ayo masuk…”. Kami cuma melongo…gilee aman banget ini kota…

Sebelum pulang kami sempatkan untuk menikmati sunrise dari tepi pantai…hmm cuakeepp..


Pagi yang cerah….

So…SABANG, Recommended banget gaes…


Sabang…MANTAABBSS…(kata anak gwe)

OK. See U next time… happy traveling

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